Why your business should recycle cardboard:

1. Energy Conservation: Recycling cardboard consumes 25% less energy compared to making it from raw materials.

2. Resource Protection: Each ton of recycled cardboard saves 9 cubic yards of landfill space and approximately 17 trees.

3. Pollution Reduction: The recycling process slashes water pollutants by 50% and air pollutants by 60% compared to virgin cardboard production.

4. Economic Sense: Recycled cardboard manufacturing is more cost-effective, providing downstream cost savings.

Flexible Collections Covering All of Durham:

Whether you’re near the iconic Durham Cathedral, amidst the hustle and bustle of Market Place, or situated by the picturesque River Wear, our fleet is always ready. We offer flexible collection schedules tailored to your needs, ensuring timely and efficient cardboard waste pick-up.

Cardboard Waste Rebates:

Recycling cardboard isn’t just eco-friendly—it’s financially savvy too! We offer a rebate system for significant quantities of cardboard waste, turning your recyclables into a revenue stream. With the market price for recycled cardboard on the rise, it's an opportune moment for businesses to capitalize on their cardboard waste.

Your Choice of Cardboard Waste Bins:

To ensure that every business, irrespective of its size, can efficiently manage its cardboard waste, we provide FREE bins in various sizes:

  • 1100 L: Ideal for large businesses or those with substantial cardboard waste.
  • 660 L: Perfect for medium-sized establishments.
  • 240 L: Suited for small businesses or those with limited cardboard output.

The Magic of Cardboard Waste Balers:

What is a Baler? A baler is a machine used to compress cardboard waste (and other recyclables) into manageable, compact bales, making storage and transportation more efficient.

How Do Balers Work?

  1. Cardboard is fed into the baler's chamber.
  2. Hydraulic arms compress the cardboard.
  3. Once compressed to optimal density, the bale is tied securely and ready for collection.

By using balers, businesses significantly reduce the volume of their cardboard waste, making the collection and recycling process smoother and more economical.

Durham's sustainability journey is powered by businesses making environmentally responsible choices. With Durham Waste by your side, transform your cardboard waste into an asset, aiding in a cleaner, greener, and economically sound Durham.