Our Comprehensive Collection Services: At Durham Waste, we understand that every piece of waste has its unique disposal needs. Our wide range of services ensures that, regardless of the type, your waste is handled responsibly.

  • Furniture Collections: From sofas to chairs, we ensure they’re either recycled or responsibly disposed of.
  • Appliance Disposal: Old fridges and other appliances are managed safely and sustainably.
  • Garden Waste: We turn your garden waste into compost, giving it a second life.
  • General Waste & DMR: Your everyday trash and dry mixed recyclables are sorted, with the majority being diverted away from landfills.
  • Food Waste: Transformed into compost or used for energy production through anaerobic digestion.
  • Cardboard & Paper Recycling: Streamlined collections ensuring they return to the market as new products.
  • Clinical Waste: Specialized handling to ensure safety and compliance.
  • Plastic & Foam Recycling: Taking care of our planet, one bottle or foam piece at a time.
  • Glass Waste: Crushed, melted, and reformed, glass has endless life cycles in our system.

Why Choose Durham Waste:

  1. Landfill Diversion: Our pride lies in our consistent efforts to divert waste from landfills, making every effort to recycle or repurpose waste materials.
  2. Education & Awareness: We’re not just about collecting waste. We aim to educate our customers, offering insights and tips to reduce waste, promoting a sustainable lifestyle.
  3. Experienced & Reliable: As a long-established institution, our legacy speaks volumes about our commitment and reliability in the waste management industry.
  4. All-in-One Solution: Homes or businesses, small waste or bulk, recyclable or general – we handle it all. No need to coordinate with multiple agencies.

“For enquiries or to schedule a collection, Contact Us today. Let’s make a difference, one collection at a time.”

Commercial Wheelie Bin

At Durham Waste, every discarded item is an opportunity – for recycling, for energy, for a cleaner planet. As we march towards a greener future, we invite you to join hands with us, to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and together, make a lasting impact.

Commercial Wheelie Bin

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