Durham’s Gastronomic Landscape & Sustainability

From the vibrant eateries around Saddler Street to the local bakeries in Gilesgate, and from the iconic cafés near Wharton Park to the bustling food markets of Claypath, every morsel contributes to Durham’s culinary richness. But with this culinary wealth comes the responsibility of managing food waste. And that’s where our expertise comes into play, ensuring Durham’s food heritage leaves no environmental footprint.

Who Can Benefit From Our Food Waste Collection Service?

  1. Restaurants & Cafés: Where meals are aplenty, so are leftovers.
  2. Schools & Colleges: Canteens and kitchens generate substantial food scraps.
  3. Hotels & Resorts: Large-scale kitchens and events produce significant food waste.
  4. Retail Stores: Supermarkets and stores dealing with perishables have regular food waste.
  5. Homes: Everyday cooking and meals lead to peelings, scraps, and leftovers.

Why Food Waste Management Matters:

  1. Environmental Impact: When dumped in landfills, food waste produces methane, a greenhouse gas far more potent than carbon dioxide.
  2. Resource Conservation: Effective food waste recycling prevents the wastage of water, energy, and other resources initially used in its production.
  3. Soil Nourishment: Processed food waste can be transformed into nutrient-rich compost, benefiting agriculture and gardens alike.

Our Collection Bins Tailored For You:

Keeping in mind the diverse needs of our clients, we offer a variety of bin sizes:

  • 1100 L: Suitable for large establishments with extensive food waste.
  • 660 L: Ideal for medium-sized businesses or institutions.
  • 240 L: Perfect for small businesses, cafés, or homes.

The Journey of Your Food Waste:

  1. Collection: Our dedicated fleet picks up food waste from all over Durham.
  2. Processing: At our specialized facility, the waste undergoes anaerobic digestion or composting, turning it into biogas or nutrient-rich compost.
  3. Utilization: While biogas can be used for energy production, the compost enriches soils, fostering plant growth.

By transforming food waste into valuable resources, we contribute to a circular economy where nothing goes to waste.

Embrace sustainability with Durham Waste's food waste collection and disposal service. Join us in our mission to create a zero-waste Durham, where every leftover finds a purpose, and our soils remain ever fertile.