General waste typically encompasses non-recyclable materials that businesses generate daily. This includes items like:

  • Packaging not suited for recycling
  • Non-recyclable office materials
  • Broken items not classified under hazardous waste
  • Miscellaneous waste that doesn’t fit into specific recycling categories

While the goal is to minimize general waste by maximizing recycling, there remains a need to efficiently manage what’s left.

Who Should Opt for General Business Waste Collections?

  1. Retailers: From clothing tags to packaging, retail waste is varied.
  2. Offices: Stationery waste, non-recyclable items, and more.
  3. Cafés & Restaurants: Not everything can be recycled or composted.
  4. Workshops & Studios: Waste from materials that don’t fit into other categories.
  5. Healthcare & Salons: Specific non-hazardous waste that requires disposal.

Free Bins for Every Business:

We recognize that every business is unique. Hence, we provide a range of bin sizes:

  • 1100 L: Crafted for businesses or locations with high waste generation.
  • 660 L: Perfect for establishments with moderate waste output.
  • 240 L: Designed for smaller businesses or those with minimal general waste.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Disposal:

At Durham Waste, even general waste undergoes a rigorous process:

  1. Collection: Our efficient fleet covers all of Durham, ensuring timely pick-ups.
  2. Sorting: At our facility, we re-examine the waste, salvaging any recyclables mistakenly discarded.
  3. Ethical Disposal: Non-recyclables are responsibly processed, with landfill use minimized, adhering to our commitment to a greener Durham.

Durham's Business Landscape: Vibrancy and Responsibility

From bustling retail hubs around Prince Bishops Shopping Centre to the eclectic mix of startups at Milburngate, businesses form the lifeblood of Durham. With such vibrancy comes the collective responsibility of waste management. Our service ensures that whether you're a bookstore at Elvet Bridge or a tech office in Belmont, your waste is handled with the utmost professionalism.

Our vision for Durham is clear: a city where businesses thrive and their waste doesn’t compromise the environment. With Durham Waste’s general business collection service, we inch closer to this vision every day.